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Glass, concrete and steel Glass, concrete and steel(0)

Unfinished building in Germany…security arrived when we had left the site. Too late, guys… Read More

Saddam’s embassy Saddam’s embassy(0)

Abandoned Iraqui embassy in former East Berlin…the building has been totally vandalized, but it was still a strange atmosphere with all the Saddam posters there… Read More



The chair hotel The chair hotel(0)
[BEL] Haus des Pfarrers [BEL] Haus des Pfarrers(0)
Air raid shelter K. Air raid shelter K.(0)
The green park The green park(0)
Polish Prison Polish Prison(0)
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Talk Urbex is a community of photographers and urban explorers. We are documenting abandoned, historically important locations across the world. Talk Urbex is not responsible for any legal issues arising from either locations or digital/film imaging.

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