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No trouble at this mill No trouble at this mill(2)

Me and Dai (Wiffsmith) made it to Mill "C" in Mid Wales this weekend. Another time capsule and relatively innocuous so untrashed and quiet. Selection of photos so far. Read More

Duke of Lancaster Duke of Lancaster(3)

Visited while with Wiffsmith in North Wales on a 4 day jaunt. Read More

Baron Hill Estate Baron Hill Estate(2)

This one is fairly common knowledge hence not hiding the name. Part of our trek "oop North" Read More



Villa Das / Wallfahrt Villa Das / Wallfahrt(0)
Fort de la Chartreuse Fort de la Chartreuse(0)
Seacliff Diesel and Auto Seacliff Diesel and Auto(0)
Euro Tour #3 Euro Tour #3(0)
Plastic factory Plastic factory(0)
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