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Woolwich Dockyard Dry Docks London – August 2013 Woolwich Dockyard Dry Docks London – August 2013(1)

I stumbled upon this place whilst walking along the river, It’s small but interesting. And probably photographed to death. Read More

St John’s Mental Hospital – Lincolnshire – Feb 13 St John’s Mental Hospital – Lincolnshire – Feb 13(3)

This was a great day out with urbexing friends including NorfolkExplorer, we got to the hospital very early even considering the long drive. Being a nocturnal student at the time I think I was functioning on about 2 hours of sleep. Read More

Peterborough District Hospital – May 2013 Peterborough District Hospital – May 2013(0)

This was a great adventure with a group of urbexing friends! Could have spent hours in here taking pictures, even if most of the place was fairly ransacked for any metal. Read More

RAF Tilstock – Shropshire – December 2012 RAF Tilstock – Shropshire – December 2012(1)

This place is directly next to a main road, and has frequent dog walkers walking past. Access will never be an issue. Its not extensive and has thick tree cover. But some great inside stuff which I couldn’t photograph with no flash on me. Read More

Hales Asylum / Heckingham Institution – Norfolk – Jan 2013 Hales Asylum / Heckingham Institution – Norfolk – Jan 2013(1)

Whilst studying photography in Norwich for three years I visited Hales Asylum about 6 times. Each time finding something new to document. The latest of these visits was in January 2013. Read More



The Stencil House The Stencil House(0)
Radiator factory Radiator factory(0)
The Mann Cave The Mann Cave(0)
Heilstätte S. Heilstätte S.(0)
Hearn Ascendant Hearn Ascendant(0)
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