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Euro Tour #3 Euro Tour #3(0)

Back at the beginning of October, the usual gang of DNZ, MDE and me all headed back across the channel for 3 days of locations in Belgium, Luxembourg and France. Read More

Battersea Power Station’s control rooms Battersea Power Station’s control rooms(0)

With the imminent redevelopment of Battersea Power Station into apartments and entertainment plaza, there has been a rush of night time explores to see the stunning art deco control rooms and roof top views before it’s too late. Being the urbex tourist that I often am I thought I would join the queues and go see it for myself. Read More

Lava tubes of Lanzarote Lava tubes of Lanzarote(0)


Got to explore a different lava tube on Lanzarote this time. Naturalistas is a large walking sized tube that is situated on the center of the island on the fringes of the large lava flows from the 19th century eruptions. Read More

Missionary Society Missionary Society(0)

A Roman Catholic missionary society was our target last weekend. A fun morning out with MDE and DNZ again. Read More

BBC Television Centre – end of an era! BBC Television Centre – end of an era!(3)

A follower on my FB page recently mailed me to ask if I wanted to do a shoot at his offices. When I asked where he worked he informed me ‘BBC Television Centre at Wood Lane’. ‘Yes please’ was my quick response. Read More

Light painting and the inverse square law Light painting and the inverse square law(4)

I tried a new technique for lighting a very dark space recently and thought it would make a good tutorial for those who wanted to try something like it. Read More

A trip to GT Manor with the Reading crew A trip to GT Manor with the Reading crew(0)

3.55am alarm call for our trip from Reading out to GT so we could be inside before people were up and about. Well worth the early start as this place is dripping with history. Apologies as I’m preaching to the converted with many of you. Read More

Pyestock Obsession Pyestock Obsession(3)

Have wanted to do a Pyestock post for a while, but also wanted to wait until I had properly done the entire site, which all besides one building is now complete. I totally love the place and have really looked forward to each new visit. Yes it’s been done to death but there did seem to be certain parts of the site that really had been scoured and shot from every angle and other parts that there were very few shots of online. Read More

My first bit of digital art My first bit of digital art(0)

Spent the weekend converting another of my Cell 3 Pyestock brackets into a bit of digital art. Seen Dave, Odins, Noro8 and few others doing such awesome work with these locations that I thought I’d have a go myself. Read More

Dan Yr Ogof – South Wales Dan Yr Ogof – South Wales(0)

Just noticed there’s a section for caves on here and seeing I was into caving before Urbex, thought I’d share one of the best caving trips I have done to date. Read More



The Stencil House The Stencil House(0)
Radiator factory Radiator factory(0)
The Mann Cave The Mann Cave(0)
Heilstätte S. Heilstätte S.(0)
Hearn Ascendant Hearn Ascendant(0)
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