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Monastere Mont G | BE | 2012 Monastere Mont G | BE | 2012(0)

Monastere Mont G….. A really nice place! Read More

The Occulus Tower | IT | 2012 The Occulus Tower | IT | 2012(0)

Another one from our Italy trip Read More

Ghostships | FR | 2012 Ghostships | FR | 2012(2)

From our trip to France… Read More

Ex Ospedale V | IT | 2012 Ex Ospedale V | IT | 2012(0)

Another set from our Italy trip! Read More

Castello GG | IT | 2012 Castello GG | IT | 2012(0)

Hey my fellow urbexers!!

Here is another set from my trip to Italy!! Read More

Palace Casino | IT | 2012 Palace Casino | IT | 2012(0)

An abandoned casino with some awesome rooms somewhere in Italy. Read More

Red Cross Hospital | Italy | 2012 Red Cross Hospital | Italy | 2012(0)

One of the many locations we hit on our trip to Italy. Read More

Glaswork, Denmark Glaswork, Denmark(0)

This was a well known Glass Factory, got closed cause they got bankrupt. Read More

Quarries system “M” – The TU Tour Quarries system “M” – The TU Tour(2)

Enjoy the wonderful world of darkness and serene silence…. Read More

L’Université Liège L’Université Liège(0)

Visited with Mr. Tenacious B

We went through the service tunnels but we have to do a revisit (forgot to take boots with me) because of the tunnels where flooded.

Here is my view of the University…. Read More



The Stencil House The Stencil House(0)
Radiator factory Radiator factory(0)
The Mann Cave The Mann Cave(0)
Heilstätte S. Heilstätte S.(0)
Hearn Ascendant Hearn Ascendant(0)
read more

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