The Tree Mansion

Author Critical Mass - Last updated: 31.07.2012

No idea where the name comes from but European explorers tend to give theses little maisons /chateau’s names. This was not on the list but Oldskool remembered it from an earlier trip to Belgium and as we were passing we found 30 mins in the busy schedule.
Zero history on this place and all I can tell you is that it is a little cottage/farm house set back off the main rd.



Sleep Alone by UE Critical Mass, on Flickr



Empty Seats (Explored@14) by UE Critical Mass, on Flickr



Conversation Over! by UE Critical Mass, on Flickr



It’s The Simple Things in Life by UE Critical Mass, on Flickr

A bit eerie this place if I’m honest, always had a nagging feeling someone was about to walk in as if they had just been the shop!

Cheers Critical!

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#1abandoned -angelAugust 1, 2012, 4:24 pm

that has gotta be the creepiest place ive seen , looks so abandoned yet so lived in….strange combo , well done on the find.

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